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Change of Data Center provider

Industry: Chemical
Scale: Company with over 40,000 employees worldwide
Project duration: 3 years

IT Consulting Case Study Data Center
IT Consulting Case Study Change Data Center Provider

Project description

ITR-GROUP joined in B2B mode, as one of the suppliers of know-how and resources.

The project concerned the transfer of the client’s entire huge IT infrastructure from the current Datacenter CMO (Current Mode of Operation) to the new Datacenter FMO (Future Mode of Operation) delivered by another provider.

The scale of the project itself was enormous:

  • ca. 200 people involved in the project from the FMO supplier
  • ca. 200 people involved on the client’s side alone
  • ca. 50 people delegated by the CMO provider

Project scope:

  • Total of 1000 applications
  • Europe’s largest installation in Microsoft BI environment
  • 8000 Servers
IT Consulting Case Study Data Center
IT Consulting Case Study Change Data Center Provider
ITR Group Case Study - IT Partners
Data Center Migration Project - ITR Group

Project phases:

  • In the first phase, ITR-GROUP supported the definition of the scope of the project – which applications are transferable, which technologies they are based on, how many servers they use.
  • Then the contractual rules of cooperation between the parties involved were defined (ITR GROUP helped to define them and audit the contract):

– Client

– CMO provider

– FMO provider

– 3rd-Parties: IBM, ATOS, ACCENTURE, DELLOITE etc.

    • ITR-GROUP IT specialists were involved in the physical migration phase in the following areas:

    – End-2-End Project Management

    – Technical Transition Management

    – MS SQL, Oracle, AWS DB, AZURE

    – Unix, Linux, Solaris Systems

    – Microsoft BI Solutions

    ITR Group Project Management
    • We planned carefully and coordinated the GO-LIVE migrations according to the client’s guidelines and CMO and FMO conditions
    • We created RUN-books, cutover plans and all necessary documentation

    • We managed particular technical resources, giving them appropriate instructions and permissions to go through the next technical migration steps

    It is worth mentioning the very meticulous documentation produced by ITR-GROUP at the request of individual parties (counterparts):

    • Project scope

    • Requested UAT test results

    • Migration Flow

    • Criteria for system acceptance after migration

    Under the supervision and with the participation of the ITR-GROUP 60 large, complex heterogeneous applications were successfully migrated.

    ITR Group Project Management

    Carve-Out Project

    Industry: Industrial
    Scale: Company with over 100,000 employees worldwide. IT alone is made up of tens of thousands of employees dispersed around the world.

    Project duration: 3-4 years

    IT Consulting - Carve-Out Project
    IT Consulting - Carve-Out Project

    Project description

    We were asked, as an OUTSOURCING partner, to support a huge CARVE-OUT project. This term refers to the separation of the subsidiary from the parent company. This has, above all, major stock market consequences. However, the regulator also describes the IT procedures that have to be fulfilled in order for this process to be considered successful.

    This is also a logical separation of the IT infrastructure in such a way that its components are not accessible to each other via LAN connections after CARVE-OUT (only WAN traffic is allowed). This potentially simple task is, in effect, a large and extensive project.

    In the first phase ITR-Group supported the client in defining the project scope:

    • Which systems will be covered by the project
    • Where to migrate to: own DataCenter, cloud solutions: AWS, AZURE, GC, OCI etc.
    ITR Group - Carve-Out Project - IT Partner

    Then we supported the architecture design phase:

    • Description of current systems
    • Their functionality
    • Where and how they will be migrated

    The third phase concerned the preparation and execution of migration:

    • Planning and preparing hundreds of conversations with application owners
    • Recording results and analysing their impact on further project development
    • Migration planning with the technical teams responsible for their implementation
    • Supervising migration in all necessary environments:

      – TEST

      – UAT

      – PROD

    Current state of affairs – the project has been planned for 3 years. The company has been involved in it for one year. The project is still ongoing.

    ITR Group - Carve-Out Project - IT Partner

    Migration from Solaris to Linux

    Industry: Banking
    Scale: A well-known big bank
    Project duration: 2 years

    Solaris to Linux Migration
    Solaris to Linux Migration - ITR Group

    Project description

    ITR-Group has made several such projects in its career. Here we will focus on describing one of them.

    As an external competency provider, ITR-Group was asked to:

    • conduct the Due-Dilligence phase
    • prepare a cost estimation
    • analyse the feasibility phase
    • estimate the project duration

    Entering the project:

    Of course we started with the feasibility stage and the key points important for our client. The banking environment is characterized by a very high level of redundancy and particular attention to security. These aspects make the project more complicated and time-consuming.

    In this particular case, we have defined about 30 services, using more than 100 servers in total, mainly in Solaris environment and using Oracle database technology.

    Linux Migration - ITR Group

    The goal of the project was to migrate them to the Linux environment.

    Project description:

    • Plan

    • Definition of risk

    • Cost estimation

    • Interviews with application owners to estimate the level of complexity and additional costs from external software providers

    • Go-LIVEs planning with DC supplier and application owner and developer

    Through coordinated activities, a good description of the scope and costs, the project was successfully completed.

    Linux Migration - ITR Group
    Professional consulting - ITR Group

    Professional consulting

    At the ITR Group, we face up to current technological trends and advise our customers on how they can safely and effectively go through the IT transformation process according to current standards.

    Customer comes first - ITR Group

    Customer comes first

    Our focus is always on the customer. Regardless of the industry or application used. Of course there are areas where a specific experience with a particular application is essential.

    Year of experience - ITR Group

    Years of experience

    As an experienced IT partner, we are able to quickly estimate how long and complex a given migration project will be and provide appropriate resources for its implementation.

    Supported industries

    ITR-GROUP is a young company, established in 2019. However, its founders have over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. We started our adventure in the FMCG industry by planning LAN and WAN networks, creating Data Center architecture for our customers. Then, along with the evolution of the IT sector, we led our clients through individual stages of Data Center migration and transformation.

    ITR Group Banking Industry
    ITR Group Insurance Industry
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    ITR Group FMCG - Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry

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