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Today’s IT image in enterprises is characterized by a unique shape and adaptation to specific needs. It has also evolved over the years and is a very dynamic industry.

After the year 2000 we see constant changes and development in IT: from huge machines in the Data Center and migration between them, through very popular virtualization after 2010. Its natural successor is Cloud Computing solutions offered by such tycoons as Amazon with its AWS, Microsoft with AZURE, Google with CLOUD or Oracle with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

The right strategic IT decisions provide companies from virtually every industry with great potential for growth and openness to the online customer market.

It is enough to look at the sales results in the industries: FMCG, banking, insurance, industrial, to see how much customer traffic is moving towards the Internet.

At ITR-GROUP we face up to the trends on the IT market and advise our customers on how to safely and effectively go through the IT transformation process to current standards.

ITR Group - Data Migration

Four areas of expertise

ITR-GROUP focuses on the following areas and support for them:

IT Cloud Consulting

IT & IT Cloud consulting

  • Analysis of infrastructure and applications
  • Cloudification – cloud migration consulting
  • Building road maps for IT systems
  • AWS, AZURE, OCI Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Data Center Migrations

Data Center Migrations

  • DC 2 DC – Data Center to Data Center
  • P2V – Physical to Virtual
  • P2C – Physical to Cloud
  • V2C – Virtual to Cloud (latest trend)
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle and Oracle Cloud

  • Planning and architecture
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Migration to OCI Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Provision of IT experts

Provision of IT experts
for your project

  • Person outsourcing
  • Team outsourcing
  • Offshoring
  • Nearshoring

As an experienced IT partner, we are able to quickly estimate how much time and complexity a given migration project will require and provide appropriate resources for its implementation.

Supported industries

ITR-GROUP is a young company, established in 2019. However, its founders have over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. We started our adventure in the FMCG industry by planning LAN and WAN networks, creating Data Center architecture for our customers. Then, along with the evolution of the IT sector, we led our clients through individual stages of Data Center migration and transformation.

ITR Group Banking Industry
ITR Group Insurance Industry
ITR Group Industrial
ITR Group FMCG - Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry

Case Studies

ITR Group - Case Study - Change of Data Center provider

Change of Data Center provider

ITR-GROUP joined, in B2B mode, as one of the suppliers of know-how and resources.

The project concerned the transfer of the client's entire huge IT infrastructure from the current Datacenter CMO (Current Mode of Operation) to a new Datacenter FMO (Future Mode of Operation) delivered by another provider.

ITR Group - Case Study - Carve-Out Project

Carve-Out Project

We were asked to support a huge CARVE-OUT project. This term refers to the separation of a subsidiary from the parent company. This has, above all, major stock market consequences. However, the regulator also describes the IT procedures that have to be fulfilled in order for this process to be considered successful.

ITR Group - Case Study - Solaris Linux Migration

Migration from Solaris to Linux

As an external competence provider, ITR-GROUP was asked to carry out the Due-Diligence phase, cost estimation, feasibility study and project duration. We started with the feasibility phase and the key points of interest for our client.

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